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High Quality Regulators & Pressure Control Systems

Maxitrol Company is a recognized international manufacturer of electronic gas modulation systems, gas pressure regulators/governors, combination gas control valves, gas safety devices, and gas filters. The company’s manufacturing facilities are located in Southeast Michigan and Thale, Germany, with regional offices in Senden, Germany, and Abercynon, UK.

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GTR-K Series

Combination Gas Control Valves

The GV Series Gas Control Systems are a comprehensive line of combination gas control systems used to control the pilot and main burner. In addition to standard features and options, these unique systems can be customized for use on a wide range of appliances such as space heaters, fireplaces, griddle plates, storage water heaters, or ovens. All versions of the GV valve have the same footprint, allowing an appliance to be upgraded without redesigning the vestibule. An appliance can be upgraded from a manual control system to a battery operated remote control system simply by adding accessories.

The CV series are combination gas control valves with integrated pressure regulators and suitable for natural, manufactured, mixed gases, liquefied petroleum gases, LP gas-air mixtures, and gases of EN 437 gas family 1, 2, and 3.

GTR-MX Series
GMR Series

E-Flame – Air Control System

The E-Flame Air Control System enables appliances to run at peak efficiency. The system is battery powered and used for automatic control of combustion air in wood and solid fuel stoves. The Controller drives an Actuator that controls the primary and secondary combustion air. The optimal air volume required for a clean and economic combustion is determined by using surface and exhaust temperature sensors.

The E-Falme Air Control System fully automates solid fuel appliances. It is programmable and can operate any appliance according to OEM specifications with minimal programming and installation effort by the manufacturer.

In addition to automatic operation , E-Flame can operate the appliance manually with the RF handset.

Excess Flow Valves

SENTRY GS are designed to close, shutting off the gas flow, when a predefined flow rate is reached. Gas utilities use excess flow valves (EFV) to minimize the risk of damage in the case of a break in the gas line. SENTRY GS have been used successfully and effectively for more than 25 years in underground gas service lines and residential installations throughout the world. In Germany alone, more than 1,000,000 Maxitrol excess flow valves are currently in service.

Maxitrol EFVs are calibrated at the factory, providing a precise and reliable closing flow rate. In the nominal flow range, the EFV remains in a stable, open position. If equipped with a bypass, SENTRY GS reopen after the downstream line has been repaired and re-pressurized.

GTR-MX Series

Gas & Air Filters

Gas and air filters protect downstream controls (regulators, automatic shut-off valves) from particulate contamination. Recommended for use upstream of fittings, regulators, and controls. Applications for the residential, commercial cooking, process heating, and industrial burner industries. The unique filter mat material will not allow particle infiltration over 0.05mm (50 microns).

GTR-MX Series
GSR-B Series
GSR-M Series
GTR-K Series

Gas Pressure Regulators – Governors

Maxitrol’s original Straight-Thru-Flow (STF) design regulators are non-lockup type regulators for high capacities at low inlet pressures. The difference between STF design and other type regulators is the conical valve. The cone principal permits gas to flow straight through the regulator without changing directions. Frictional flow resistance is reduced, resulting in greater capacity. An improved flow pattern provides accurate, sensitive regulation at extremely low pressure differentials. Typical applications include residential, commercial, and industrial gas-fired appliances and equipment used on low or medium pressure gas supplies.

The compact RV poppet regulators are designed primarily for main burner and pilot load applications. Typical applications include residential and commercial cooking appliances, barbecues, hearth products, and pilot lines. Maxitrol rubber seat poppet models offer the ultimate in design features and performance capabilities to meet your specific appliance or utility requirements

GTR-K Series

Maxitrol’s 325 Series regulators are for use on residential, commercial, and industrial applications. The 325 Series features a high leverage valve linkage assembly to deliver a lockup characteristic. The regulators are capable of precise control from full flow down to pilot flow.

Modulating Gas Control Valves

EXA valves are highly accurate and precise modulating gas control valves. They provide repeatable process control with minimal hysteresis throughout the entire range of modulation. High fire setting and low fire setting are user programmable.

Maxitrol’s unique modulator valves provide precise, non-fluctuating, instantaneous temperature control without requiring a motor or mechanically driven butterfly valve.

GTR-K Series

MR valves perform dual function of modulation and pressure regulation.

Thermal Cut-off Valves

SENTRY GT help prevent gas from flowing to downstream components that may not be resistant to high temperatures. These thermal cut-off devices automatically cut off the gas flow at temperatures between 92 °C and 100 °C. Our range includes sizes from DN10 to DN150.

SENTRY GT..KD40 ball valves contain an integrated thermally activated cut-off device. They may also be used as a main gas manual shut-off valve.

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