Providing an outstanding services and high quality equipments for the oil & gas industry in the region

Combustion Solutions is an established UAE national company in Abu Dhabi, focusing to provide an outstanding services and high quality equipment for the oil & gas industry in the region.

Bringing years of industrial experience, Combustion Solutions is equipped with high caliber engineers and expertise in different disciplines that are considered to take the lead of responsibility for supply and apply technologies and services.

To ensure high level of services, partnerships are established with reliable international manufacturers to maintain and provide state of art environment friendly and advanced technology products with excellent after sales support.

Currently, we are the representative of high end European manufacturers related to gas equipment in the UAE and other countries. We are the official agent of;

We are also specialist in designing and manufacturing of gas train solutions, for gas engines and industrial needs.

Along with our partners, we provide our customers with the following services:|

  • Natural Gas and Biogas compressing
  • High Pressure Gas Conditioning and preheating skids
  • Pressure Regulation and Metering Stations
  • Natural gas & Biogas filtration and treatment
  • Biogas utilization for power generation
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Contracting
  • Online Monitoring Solutions