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GEFRAN provides you with a wide range of high-quality products

Gefran is an Italian multinational company, specializing in the design and manufacturing of sensors, systems, and components for the automation and control of industrial processes

With decades of experience in engineering and manufacturing, Gefran has the focus, flexibility, and quality to make your next project a success. Choose Gefran for standard sensors, automation platforms, regulators, power controllers designed to increase the efficiency of production processes and energy saving.

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GTR-K Series

Automation Platforms

Gefran Soluzioni, a company of the Gefran Group, provides products, solutions and services for the industrial automation of plastic material transformation processes and other applications, from the simplest thermal processes, such as in the glass sector, to the more complex ones, such as industrial autoclaves dedicated to the production of composite materials.

Gefran Soluzioni designs and manufactures automation platforms, solutions characterised by specific hardware and software that are constantly updated also thanks to the continuous collaboration with OEMs in the sector.

Cabinet Solutions

Gefran Soluzioni offers services such as consulting, design and production of automation equipment, and electrical panels to control industrial processes and machines.
With over 15,000 machines installed and know-how for scores of applications, Gefran Soluzioni has time-tested expertise and offers its customers (both OEMs and final users) advanced machine and process control solutions.

The main markets for Gefran Soluzioni’s services are plastics and metal processing, sheet cutting, air and water treatment, and heat treatment.

GTR-MX Series
GMR Series

Controllers And Indicators

Gefran’s range of temperature and process controllers ensure easy and accurate solutions for applications requiring single and multiple PID control loops. Moreover, the range of indicators with alarm thresholds provide a precise and clear view of the main process variables.


Gefran Drives for AC and DC motors control and the “energy-saving” solutions are applied in the most advanced industrial and domestic automation systems.

 “Standard” and “Application-oriented” product ranges combine outstanding performance with great flexibility of use and specific functions for high-end drives applications.

GSR-M Series
GMR Series

Position Sensors

Linear and angular position transducers detect the position of mechanical parts in motion. Gefran manufactures a wide and unique range of models, using consolidated and new technologies, including the potentiometric technology, magnetostriction, Hall effect, MEMS, and magnetic dragging.

Power Control

Gefran offers a wide range of static units (SCR) and power controllers for controlling linear and non-linear resistive loads, short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) lamps, and transformers. The connection can be single-phase, two- or-three-phase for a current control up to 600 A. Moreover, the connection with the main field buses available on the market is available to facilitate the integration with the factory supervision systems.

GSR-M Series
GMR Series

Pressure Sensors

Gefran’s industrial pressure transducers and transmitters measure the pressure of fluids (liquid or gaseous) in the applications required. In particular, Melt pressure transducers are dedicated to applications involving high process temperatures up to 540 °C.

Servodrives And Motors

Gefran’s modular servodrives offer top-level performance for the control of brushless motors used in multi-axis production lines which require great precision and rapid operating sequences.

The wide range of permanent magnet servomotors also represents the best combination for high dynamic industrial applications.

GSR-M Series
GMR Series

Strain And Force Sensors

Force transducers measure compression, tensile, bending, and deformation forces. Gefran provides both the traditional version and the exclusive Sensormate models, which rely on the innovative Press On technology, and are ideal for carrying out continuous and temporary measurements.

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