High quality oil and gas products and services

In the R&D laboratory equipped with excellent technology and standards GASTECH  research develops and tests all its products. The consequence of these methods is high quality in all products. At every level of manufacturing and planning, tests and controls assure dependable, high-tech, durable, environmentally friendly goods that can function smoothly for many years. 


Gas Pressure Regulators with/without Shut-off Valves

Spring Loaded, Threaded Connection Spring Loaded, Flanged Connection Pilot Operated

Gas Filters

  • Cartridge Gas Filter

  • Aluminum Body

  • Safety Relief Valves

  • Shut-Off Valve

Gas Meters

COMMON S.A. is a producer of high-quality equipment, for gas measurement systems, accounting, process, and monitoring purposes. 


Burner and Boiler Solutions for Combustion Control

Siemens’ experience and technological know-how for innovative controls and components that can be customized to meet your requirements. 

High quality oil and gas products and services