High quality oil and gas products and services

      Their contribution to the efficient and reliable combustion of gas and oil is for the thermal and process-heating sector and for gas engines, which are high-technology products and system solutions. 


      Gas Trains

      We manufacture and design customer-specific gas trains with DUNGS fitting and components from other well-known manufacturers for industrial heat-engineering production processes and combustion plants.

      Gas and air Filters

      Filter for interior gas lines, with high dust storage capacity. Threaded and Flanged versions.

      Pressure switches

      Pressure switches, differential pressure switches and high-pressure switches are suitable for switching a circuit on, off or over when the set point is exceeded or not attained. 

      Pressure Regulators

      Shut-off Valves, Governors, Circulation Regulators, and Safety Relief Valves

      Gas pressure regulator for gas burners and gas equipment.


      Compact unit combining filter, servo pressure regulator with an internal pulse, 2 safety shutoff valves and min. pressure switch.

      Solenoid Valves

      Valve Proving System

      Valve proving system for automatic shutoff valves. The VPS may be used with any other valve whose tightness in the counter-flow direction excludes by construction a leakage in the flow direction.

      Automatic Burner Controls with and without blowers

      Automatic burner controls of the MPA 41xx range are suitable for the ignition and monitoring of gas burners with or without blowers.  

      High quality oil and gas products and services