High quality  oil and gas products and services


Combustion Solutions’ trading part expanded to avant-garde product groups. 

We can supply other materials related to:

Fluid Transfer Systems

Industrial Valves

Industrial Burners

Filters and Separators

  • Dust Filtration Products

  • Liquid/Gas Filtration Product

Transmission and Power

Electrical items

Instrumentation and Control items

Actuators (Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic)

  • Pressure gauges 

  • Flame, Smoke & Gas Detection 

  • Level Instruments 

  • Temperature Measurements 

  • Mass Flowmeters

  • Vibration monitoring 

  • PLCs, Encoders, Tachometers, and HM

We also have diverse product categories starting from Gas Controls, Measurement and Safety Systems, Multifunctional Gas Controls, reaching Actuators, and Accessories.

And here is a list of products that we mastered while distributing for Dungs Combustion Control and Gastech Engineering

High quality oil and gas products and services